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Source: ISTOCK

Seoul Mayor Plans to Shutter the City's Remaining Dog Slaughterhouses

By Sophie Hirsh

Eating dogs is unfortunately still common practice in several countries around the world. But if Seoul's Mayor Park Won-soon has his way, the city of Seoul, South Korea will no longer produce dog meat. On Saturday, Feb. 9, Mayor Park announced that Seoul's government plans to shut down the remaining dog slaughterhouses in the city, The Korea Times reported.

"In the past, we had several dog butcher shops in Cheongnyangni, but I closed almost all of them down through various measures," Park told an audience after a screening of the new Korean animated movie Underdog, as per The Korea Times. "Currently, one or two dog slaughterhouses remain. I cannot force them to go out of business, so I will put pressure on them to move." 

As The Korea Times explained, there are five shops still selling dog meat in Seoul, all at the Gyeongdong Market. Two of the shops are also responsible for physically slaughtering the dogs, while the other three shops buy their dog meat from outside vendors. And as reported by the The Korea Herald, Park added that once the two shops that butcher dogs are effectively shut down (or relocated outside of Seoul), he plans to put pressure on the three remaining shops to shut down, too.