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Source: iSt

Madagascar to Plant 60 Million Trees to Help Fight Climate Change


Long before it was an animated movie franchise, Madagascar’s primary claim to fame is its extreme biodiversity; 90 percent of the country’s wildlife isn’t found anywhere else on the planet — so the citizens of the island nation (the world’s second-largest) know how important it is to do their part to protect their environment and restore the ecosystem, which has been destroyed in recent years. This year, the country is celebrating the 60th anniversary of their independence (it was occupied by France until 1960), and to celebrate, President Andry Rajoelina has pledged to plant 60 million new trees and restore the island to the green haven it once was. 

“The government has the challenge of making Madagascar a green island again. I encourage the people to protect the environment and reforest for the benefit of the future generations,” he told citizens who attended the launch of the planting of the trees in the Ankazobe district, northwest of the nation’s capital. Within a few hours of the announcement, the environment ministry shared that 1 million trees were already planted in over 500 hectares (aka 1,235 acres) of land.