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How to Build Your Own Chicken Coop — Without Spending A Lot of Money


Keeping chickens can have many benefits. First of all, you get access to high quality eggs! Egg shells are also great for adding more nutrients to your compost pile. If you’re thinking about getting chickens, then be sure to check out all the great advantages to having backyard chickens. But if you’re already past that stage and have the baby chicks in your living room, just waiting for them to get old enough to go live outside, you might be wondering how to build a chicken coop.

The first few weeks of a baby chick’s life, they have to spend it inside as they are not old or grown enough to deal with cold weather. Chicks need to be in a heated environment so that they can grow to the size they need to in order to be able to live outside. While your baby chicks are growing indoors, now’s the perfect time to get their outdoor living situation figured out.