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Source: Siemens

Germany's New eHighway Can Charge Hybrid Trucks As They Drive


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Pretty much the only consistent complaint you hear about driving an electric vehicle long distances is that charging can be a bit inconvenient. Not only are chargers less widespread than gas stations in some areas, but it takes longer to fill up your car with electricity than with gasoline. That doesn't sound like a recipe for an efficient day's work when it comes to truck driving — but the "eHighway" in Germany is working to fix that.

Germany's Environment Ministry partnered with engineering company Siemens to develop overhead power lines that charge trucks as they drive down the highway. The program has been in development since 2012, and it finally publicly opened on Tuesday, May 7 on a 10-kilometer stretch (about 6.2 miles) of the Autobahn, Germany's highway system. The eHighway is part of the Environment Ministry's program ELISA (which stands for Electrified Innovative Heavy Traffic on the Autobahn).