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Source: PETER PARKS/AFP via Getty Images

Australian Bushfires: What Caused Them, Death Toll, and More


Recently, extreme weather events around the world have been on the rise — and so has media coverage of these events, due to the link many of them have with the mounting climate crisis. Over the past few weeks, tragic bushfires have been tearing through eastern Australia, specifically across the states Queensland and New South Wales. This week, the bushfires reached new heights, destroying homes and even killing several people. As of Thursday morning Nov. 14, more than 70 fires were still raging, and crews were still trying to quell the fires.

Right now, police are alleging that a 16-year-old boy actually started a recent and particularly destructive string of bushfires near the small town of Yeppoon, Queensland, The Guardian reported. The fires, being called the Cobraball fire, have burned an estimated 1 million hectares of farmland and bush, according to Al Jazeera. The fires are also responsible for destroying various cars and sheds, as well as causing four deaths: Julie Fletcher of Johns River died on Saturday; Vivian Chaplain and George Nole both died in Wytaliba; and on Wednesday night, Barry Parsons, 58, was found dead in Willawarrin, according to The Guardian.