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Source: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Alex Trebek Once Donated $2 Million of Land for Conservation


Alex Trebek is one of those non-controversial celebrities who pretty much everyone loves. Have you ever mentioned Alex Trebek in conversation and had someone reply, "Ugh, isn't he the worst?" Certainly not!

Well, this little-known fact about the Jeopardy! host is about to make you love him even more. About 20 years ago, Trebek spent about $2 million on a large plot of open land in California — and immediately donated it for conservation.

Reddit has been abuzz with this fun fact since Tuesday, when a redditor posted about it in the todayilearned subreddit, and it made it to the home page with more than 56,000 upvotes. "TIL Alex Trebek purchased 62 acres in the Hollywood Hills and donated it to a Santa Monica Conservancy," the post read. According to the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority, the 62-acre space is called Trebek Open Space, and it sits in the Hollywood Hills right next to Runyon Canyon Park.