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Source: The HSUS

36 Beagles to Be Freed From Cruel Year-Long Fungicide Experiment, Following Undercover Investigation


Each year, lab tests are conducted on more than 60,000 dogs across the United States — and unfortunately, it is standard practice to kill each animal that makes it out of the tests alive. But one particularly inhumane test on a group of beagles came into national attention last week, and thanks to the efforts of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the lab has agreed to release all 36 beagles.

On March 12, the HSUS published the results of an undercover investigation into Charles River Laboratories in Michigan. As per the report, an undercover investigator worked in the lab for 100 days, where they witnessed (and photographed and filmed) around 20 different cruel tests on dogs. The most notable study was a year-long test of a new fungicide (a class of pesticides designated to kill fungi growth) called Adavelt, made by Dow AgroSciences, which was force-fed to a group of 36 beagles living in cages.