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Source: Pixabay

How to Easily Get Rid of Your Christmas Tree in an Eco-Friendly Way

By Brian Spaen

It’s a tradition that’s fading away, but many people still enjoy the process of hunting down and bringing home a real Christmas tree for the holidays. Now that the season is coming to a close for another year, most of these trees will be hurled out the door and into dumpsters. There are better ways to dispose of the holiday decoration that are good for the planet.

Throwing away a natural Christmas tree is pretty wasteful. Stripped without the lights, ornaments, and other objects we put on it, the tree doesn’t offer any environmental hazards. Instead, the best way to dispose of the tree is to recycle it. A number of communities offer services that will either pick up these trees right from your home or drop-off times have been set through sometime in January.

Tree recycling services can be looked at through these handy Earth911 listings, in local newspapers, or a simple online search could bring up further results. Many Home Depot stores will also take old Christmas trees and recycle them free of charge; just call ahead and see if one that’s participating is close to you.