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Source: pexels

These 60 San Francisco Restaurants Are Going Carbon Neutral

By Marissa Higgins

In our day to day lives, we all want to reduce carbon emissions and lower our carbon footprint. Whether you want to switch from your car to a bike for your daily commute, use a stainless steel water bottle, or do meatless Monday, each little change adds up. Of course, that's all about the individual level. But businesses are getting into the game, too.

For example, just this week, a group of roughly 60 restaurants in San Francisco is going climate neutral. It's called the ZeroFoodPrint and it's a partnership with the Global Climate Action Summit and the Golden Gate Restaurant Association.

Anthony Myint, the co-founder of ZeroFoodPrint, says “we’re taking this opportunity, with the summit, to really try and rally a lot of excitement about restaurants that are carbon neutral."