The Innovative Way One Water Bottle Company Is Reducing Plastic

The Innovative Way One Water Bottle Company Is Reducing Plastic
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By creating a sustainable, practical and durable bottle, this company hopes to reduce the use of single use plastics. What's wrong with throwing away bottles? We all know a huge amount of plastic bottles find their way to the ocean which causes the death of over one million marine wildlife every year. What people may not realize is that even before being thrown away, single use bottles account for 2.5 percent of global oil production and increase carbon dioxide output. Carrying a reusable bottle helps prevent waste from all angles.  

After watching a documentary about plastic waste in the oceans, Merijn Everaarts wanted to do something about it and founded Dopper. Once he saw the effects of single use waste, he launched a design competition in 2010 for a environmentally friendly water bottle that anyone could use. He chose Rinke van Remortel’s submission because of its striking design, durability and ability to clean easily. Everaarts goal was for this bottle to bring awareness to the issue of single use plastics. 

Later that year, Dopper officially launched in the Netherlands on “Durability Day.”

The bottle itself comes in a wide range of colors and is uniquely designed with three separate pieces. The top can also be removed to turn into a cup. The entire product is BPA free and recyclable. This unique bottle comes in around $15-20 and the different colored pieces can be mixed and matched. 

This company aims to hit three main targets. Apart from spreading awareness of single use plastic waste impacting the environment and offering a solution by creating a sustainable well designed bottle, Dopper also hopes to increase access to safe drinking water thought its foundation

As a social enterprise, the company embraces the Cradle to Cradle concept in circular economy and does everything it can to minimize waste. Dopper accepts damaged bottle pieces back for free and makes sure they are recycled. The company was certified as the first responsibly and sustainably produced water bottle contributing to social welfare by the Cradle to Cradle conference in Germany. 

The idea behind cradle to cradle is to reuse the material of a product at the end of it’s lifespan so there's no loss. Dopper was awarded the certification because of their sustainable practices such as avoiding toxic materials. Everaarts hopes to inspire other businesses and believes, “The focus in companies should be on sustainable and social solutions for products and services.” 

Another key reason Dopper earned the certification was because it’s foundation also works to help make clean water attainable around the world. When you buy a Dopper bottle, five percent of net sales goes directly to their foundation which supports access to clean drinking water through a partnership program in Nepal. The foundation is also supported by sponsors and donations. The company takes it one step future and also sets up educational programs for kids to learn about water and plastic waste through it’s Dopper Academy.  

Dopper is so committed to this cause that it created an app to help people have access to water. Users can locate free water around the world and fill their bottles up. As a social enterprise or organization, Dopper seamlessly aligns its values with the company mission.

Interested in helping Dopper combat single use plastic waste in the environment? Instead of sending a message in a bottle, the bottle is the message and you can spread the word using #BeTheMessenger. You can alternatively donate to the Dopper Foundation to help get clean water to those in need.  

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