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This Pacific Island Just Voted To Protect Their Coral Reef


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Protecting coral reefs around the world is an incredibly important priority when it comes to our natural environment. Reefs are being impacted by coral bleaching, which can cause serious damage to our aqua life. Sadly, coral reefs are on a decline on the global scale, due to a combination of bleaching, overfishing, and rising temperatures. In response, some areas are banning sunscreens that impact the health of coral reefs, while others are banning commercial fishing

As reported by The Guardian, New Caledonia, which is a French overseas territory located in the Pacific Islands, recently made an important step. They've decided to install more protections around a large area of  coral reefs which are currently unharmed. This is meant to be a preventative measure to stop the damage before it begins. Unsurprisingly, environmentalists are seriously impressed.