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Source: pexels

This Study Shows Sustainable Farming Can Improve Productivity

By Marissa Higgins

If you've never worked on a farm, you might imagine agriculture as being pretty dreamy. Lots of time spent in nature, long days under the sun, taking your time to do tasks around the land. Of course, if you're actually working on a farm (especially a major one), the job can be extremely taxing on your body. Now, studies are coming out that explore the relationship between more sustainable agricultural systems and the desire to increase food production. 

What does this look like? Basically, how can we "intensify" farming to increase production, while keeping it sustainable for the planet and the people doing the jobs? 

This study, titled "Global assessment of agricultural system redesign for sustainable intensification," which appears in the journal Nature Sustainability, is a big one. It involves researchers from around the globe, including the UK, USA, Sweden, Ethiopia, and New Zealand. They come from a total of 17 universities and research institutes.