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People Are Mad About The New Eco-Friendly Urinals In Paris

By Marissa Higgins

As we all know, finding a public restroom can be tricky. While most restaurants and cafes offer a bathroom to customers, sometimes you need to find a bathroom when you're simply walking around. This issue has led to an interesting innovation in Paris: eco-friendly urinals that are, well, public on the streets.

These urinals, called "urinoirs" (the word being a witty combination of "urinal" and "pavement" in French), have been installed on the Île Saint-Louis. For people who aren't too familiar with the landscape of Paris, this means they're pretty close to the Seine and the Notre Dame Cathedral, two places tourists and locals love.

The eco-friendly aspect of these urinals is interesting. The urinal is basically a box that opens in the front. There is a floral display on top of the box, which contains a straw. The goal is that this compost can be used in gardens and parks.