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Source: The Real Dill/FB

This Zero-Waste Pickle Company Turns Food Scraps Into Treasure

By Maria Cook

Thanks to more widespread media coverage, the general public is becoming more and more aware that America has a food waste problem. 31 percent (or 133 billion pounds) of food went uneaten in 2010 in the U.S. Though individual consumers are partially responsible for the problem, much more of this food waste is generated by restaurants and food companies, which discard large amounts of food in the form of scraps. Vegetable skins, fat trimmed from meat, and leftover chunks of fruit are tossed out in large numbers, where they are collected as garbage and end up in landfills. As it biodegrades, such garbage releases CO2 into the atmosphere, contributing to the buildup of greenhouse gasses which cause climate change. 

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But one pickle company--The Real Dill in Denver, Colorado--has committed itself to doing something useful with its food waste. Instead of tossing out the nearly 300 pounds of food waste produced by the company each week, The Real Dill makes use of its leftover scraps by transforming some into compost and others into Bloody Mary's.