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Source: Pixabay

Why You Should Seriously Consider Studying Sustainability In College

By Jacob Geers

I vividly remember leafing through dozens of tabs on my MacBook Air, each one featuring a different academic program at Ohio State University. As I tried to figure out what was next, the majors, minors, specializations and relevant requirements blurred together.

A year and a half in, I still had almost no idea what I was doing. That’s when I stumbled upon our university’s sustainability program. And just like that, I'd found my new minor. Looking back, I have no doubt that studying sustainability had a profound effect on the success of my career — and expanded me immensely as a young professional. Anyone interested in a cross-disciplinary program that can educate on how to approach complex problems and set them up for an insane, varied amount of career opportunities, seriously ought to consider studying sustainability in college. Here's why.