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Source: H&M

H&M's New Line Uses Nylon Waste Rescued From Oceans And Landfills


H&M is keeping good on its promise to go green by 2040 with their new line of clothing. Called the H&M Conscious Exclusive collection, the line features garments made from textiles that are woven from regenerated nylon reclaimed from landfills and oceans, effectively diverting a waste stream while also avoiding creating another one.

The Conscious Exclusive collection is a partnership between the fashion giant and Aquafil, a leading manufacturer of Nylon 6, a synthetic material used for clothing and other goods. The company has recently made a commitment to sustainability, which has led to the development of its ECONYL yarn, made from 100 percent regenerated waste. H&M is using this material to produce two high-end, sustainable lace dresses, which will be available worldwide on April 19, 2018.