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Source: Basil MK/Pexels

Woman Famous For Picking Up Cigarette Butts Reaches Her Millionth Butt

By Aimee Lutkin

Sally Dawly is well-known in her hometown of Auburn, California, under the unfortunate moniker of Butt Lady. She seems to be both self-aware and comfortable with this title, because it backs up her cause: getting cigarette butts off the street.

Dawly has been picking up cigarette butts for years, with nothing but her trusty broom and tray. She keeps track of what she picks up with a little clicker, as a way to document exactly how much waste is being spread by smokers. 

“I’ve had days where I’ve picked up 3,000 butts, in one day, and it’s like, come on people,” she told CBS Local

On Valentine's Day, Dawly hit a huge milestone. She says she picked up her millionth butt. It has taken her three and a half years, and she knew she was 26 butts away as the holiday dawned. The community has rallied around Dawly's project, and celebrated her as she crossed the finish line in the parking lot of a local restaurant, Mel's Diner.