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Source: pexels

Australia's Capacity For Solar Energy May Double By 2019

By Brian Spaen

Australia’s solar industry is absolutely booming. In fact, 2018 could be a record breaking year. With the number of approvals and installations coming through, the country’s entire capacity of seven gigawatts could double in this year alone. Why? Likely because a mixture of higher energy prices and cheap solar installation costs have made the renewable source an attractive option.

New South Wales and Queensland have 30 solar farms that have either been approved or are currently under construction. According to The Guardian, NSW has given the green light to 11 projects over the last 13 months. These new solar farms would generate over 1.2 gigawatts of energy and would take “800,000 cars off the road” in terms of reduced carbon emissions.

Queensland has 19 of them coming with many in the process of being built, and industry experts say they can be completed within weeks. They’ve been the fastest state in Australia to bring solar panels online. 30 percent of their residents get energy from systems installed at their home. More people get their power from solar generation than any other source.