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Source: Pixabay

Norway Is Going To Use Electric Planes For All Short Flights By 2040

By Brian Spaen

Norway is going to be electrifying all of their short-haul airplane flights by 2040. Avinor, who operates the Scandinavian country’s public air transport, announced the move last week, which would further boost the nation’s clean energy portfolio. What does this mean for Norway? It’s anticipated that they could end up being the first country fully powered by renewable energy in the world.

According to Life in Norway, Avinor’s studies show that short-haul flights lasting up to 90 minutes of duration could be powered exclusively by electricity. This means all domestic travel and other Scandinavian capital destinations could be reached without fuel. Avinor will be testing a commercial route with an electric aircraft by 2025.

Electrifying short-haul flights would solve the significant pollution problem they create. What exactly is the problem? As of now, planes travel more times per day with shorter routes, and a lot of fuel is burned when taking off. This is similar to how much gas you use when starting and stopping your car in the city, in comparison to when you zip down the highway.