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Source: Girlfriend Collective/Instagram

New Fashion Company Transforms Plastic Bottles Into Activewear


The fashion industry receives a lot of criticism for a lack of eco-friendly sourcing and production methods. As explained in The True Cost, a documentary about the industry, clothing companies are leaving behind a substantial environmental footprint. Certain aspects of the fashion industry, known as "fast fashion," can be particularly bad on this front, given their high production rate and the amount of clothing quickly tossed to the landfills when styles change with the seasons.

Girlfriend Collective (GC) has tackled this issue head-on by creating an eco-friendly line of activewear clothing. GC was founded to offer people a completely transparent clothing line. The Seattle based company is built from top to bottom with sustainability initiatives in mind. All of their packaging is recycled and recyclable, and they make most of their clothing with post-consumer products.