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Source: Twitter

This Edible Water Bottle Provides Unique Solution To Plastic Pollution

By Brian Spaen

Plastic water bottles may provide one of the most convenient ways to obtain H2O, but they continue to wreak havoc on our environment. Despite having the ability to be recycled, nearly all of these single-use bottles end up in the trash. For those that don’t want to give up consumption through bottles, there could be a new way to simply eat the bottle after being used.

Skipping Rocks Lab, a startup based in London, has received over $1 million US through crowdfunding to create the Ooho! Started by three guys in college back in 2012, their goal was to create a solution to the plastic pollution that has been destroying marine life. A few years later, they created a prototype for their product -- an edible blob of water made out of seaweed.

The product is similar to edible balls found in bubble or boba tea. It doesn’t have any initial flavoring, which could make consuming it a little bland, but there is the potential to add flavors. To create the protective casing, balls of ice are tipped into calcium chloride and brown algae extract. This stays solid even after the ice converts to room temperature.