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Source: Pixabay

Planes Turn To Vegetable Oil In Search For Green Fuel In Europe

By Brian Spaen

The pursuit of renewable fuel is a major priority across the globe. When it comes to travel, airplanes are one of the worst offenders when we consider pollution. Thankfully, researchers are on the hunt for environmentally friendly ways to fuel planes without harming our planet. And from the looks of it, they're getting creative. For example, airplanes in Europe will soon receive a renewable fuel created from vegetable oil and animal fat from Neste, a Finnish company. That's right: Vegetable oil may be a key ingredient in our path to keeping the air clean and safe.

Neste’s renewable fuel will make its way to the Geneva Airport at the end of next year. They’ll be using just one percent of renewable fuel initially, but the obvious goal is to increase that amount in the future. Passengers won't be able to tell the difference with how much of the gas mixture is renewable. The company is reaching out to other European airports to increase the fuel’s reach.

“We have the advanced technology to make renewable fuel and we are the only company that can make it at the real industrial scale required,” Matt Lievonen, the CEO of Neste, told The Independent. The goal for Neste is to become the leading producer of the renewable fuel, and it certainly has a lot of potential based on previous results.