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Source: Stocksnap

This Company Helps You Save A Forest With Wine And Yoga


If you like to drink wine and do yoga (not necessarily in that order, of course) then we've got some good news for you: By doing both, you can become part of a new cycle of regeneration that can help save the planet. 

When opening a bottle of wine after a long day, you're likely (and understandably) not thinking about the sustainable qualities of the cork you're anxiously popping out of the bottle. But it turns out cork is actually a renewable product and extremely green. Cork comes from a tree, but unlike wood, it's simply bark that is peeled off without harming or killing the tree before growing back. Not only that, but the process of harvesting cork actually prolongs the tree’s life from just 70 years to over 250 years, and cork forests are huge economic stimulators for rural communities as well as massive carbon sinks – in Portugal alone, the cork forest remediates over 4.8 million tons of CO2 each year.