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Source: Twitter

Tesla Upgrades Range For Cars In Hurricane Irma's Evacuation Zone

By Brian Spaen

Select Tesla vehicles located in areas affected by Hurricane Irma have a temporary range boost until the end of the week. Owners of the Model S and Model X that have a 60 kilowatt-hour battery received a software upgrade to allow the battery to perform at a range of 75 kilowatt-hours. The move has been praised by many, but has also stirred up some controversy about throttling vehicles.

With millions of people fleeing Florida to avoid the hurricane, roads were jammed and gas stations ran out of fuel. For those with electric vehicles, range becomes an important factor when trying to leave the state, as there may not be charging stations along the evacuation route you follow. In order to help solve this problem, Tesla opted to unlock the entire battery in vehicles that have it limited.

How is Tesla able to do this? All the car batteries feature a capacity of 75 kWh, but some are limited through software. In order to normally unlock this, it costs anywhere from $4,500 to $9,000 depending on what the vehicle is. Why? Tesla opted to go this route because it was cheaper to install the same battery in all their units.