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4 Easy Steps To Make Your Workout Better For The Planet

By Matt Hollis

Now we know what you’re thinking, and we understand. It is hard enough to factor in enough time or energy in a day to workout, let alone worry about if your routine is environmentally harmful. Working out is a form of release, a way to clear your mind from all outside stressors. But, the reality is that mindful exercise is contributing to pollution, waste and consuming resources. Continue reading and find out 4 eco-friendly no brainers that ensure a more enjoyable, green workout.

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1. Take it outside

Eliminate automobile transportation whenever possible, and even then, strive to carpool with a workout buddy. If you prefer exercising at a specific location, walk there and add it to your workout routine! Gym facilities are not traditionally green-minded, but there are “eco-gyms” for those of you who favor workout centers. If there isn't one in your area, don’t fret. Before joining a gym, inquire about their standards - do they have recycling bins; do they use harmful cleaning chemicals; do they leave their machines plugged in, generating energy over night, even when they are not in use?

Avoid these deal breakers completely by just exercising outside. This will give you a chance to see new sites, experience nature hands on and it actually improves mental health. And added bonus - there’s no membership fee. A study from Glasgow University concluded that participants who exercised outside experienced a “50 percent greater positive effect on mental health than going to the gym.”  

There's a lot of our world to see; exercise in nature and experience its beauty.