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Source: Pixabay/Pexels

Make Your Own Sparkling Water And Curb 500 Plastic Bottles Per Year


Recycling plastic is a great habit but it’s always best to avoid waste in the first place when possible. In the US, producing plastic bottles requires more than 17 million barrels of oil. Many municipalities are also not fully equipped to handle recycling properly, so sorted plastic often ends up in landfills despite the best efforts of consumers. Can’t kick your soda or sparkling water habit? You can still reduce your environmental impact by making those drinks at home with a soda maker.  

SodaStream, the leader in the soda maker market, offers reusable plastic bottles that last for up to three years. Want to avoid plastic bottles all together? Pick a model that offers a glass carafe. Making soda at home has caught on in environmentally conscious countries like Sweden where at least 20 percent of homes have a soda making device in their kitchen. For example, 16.5 percent of Germans households are also thinking outside the box and making soda at home. Soda making at home is not a perfect solution to environmental issues, of course, but there are some serious benefits that make it a better choice than buying bottled water or soda.