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Source: Suvan Chowdhury/Pexels

New Farm Robot 'FarmBot' Gives Everyone A Green Thumb


Farming has long been a dicey endeavor with less than precise watering or growth monitoring methods. While no one has found a perfect approach to the ever changing landscape of agriculture, precision farming has been seen as a more efficient and sustainable model for the food industry. Most precision equipment can often be costly and only affordable for large scale farmers, but FarmBot, a relatively young company, has ushered in a new agricultural tool that anyone can use in their backyard. 

FarmBot was founded by Rory Aronson when he realized precision farming can be made affordably and utilized by more than just professional farmers. The company is based in California, a state responsible for producing a large portion of the United States agriculture. This forward thinking mechanical engineer hopes the idea can make a positive change in farming industry. 

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