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5 Eco-Friendly Apps To Help You Live A Greener Lifestyle

By Desirée Kaplan

Our phones help us keep track of our calendars, emails, and messages. Now they can also help us make the world a little greener by giving us tips on how live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Free apps can sometimes have great value if you know how to find the right ones. At the touch of a button, you can join a global community of like-minded people who also care about the environment. From minimizing waste to choosing a product that is truly eco-friendly, these five apps can help you create a sustainable lifestyle. 

1. Find farmers markets with Farm Stand

Many people love the idea of grocery shopping at a farmers market but have no idea where to find one in their area. Enter Farmstand, a farmers market locator app. With 8,700 markets, you're bound to find one nearby. The app shows helpful information such as when the markets are open. Know of a great spot that’s not on their list? Add it in the app along with any photos of your latest haul.

2. Locate litter with Literrati

Do you ever feel frustrated when you see trash all over a sidewalk or road? You can help tackle that problem by raising awareness with Litterati. This app works with companies and organizations to create sustainable solutions by allowing users to track litter with geotags. Whenever you see litter, snap a photo and tag the location of where you found it. This data helps identify where the problem areas are. It also gives insight on what brands and products are causing the most litter.

3. Find truly eco-friendly products with Good Guide


GoodGuide vets thousands of products and rates them on a scale from 1-10. They base their assessment by taking into consideration many variables such as environmental and heath impact. This app helps people search for genuinely sustainable products by using either their smartphone barcode or browsing directly on the Good Guide data base. Users can even customize their app by focusing on personal interests such as animal welfare.