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Source: Rrrainbow/istock

How Vail Resorts Plans To Zero Out Their Eco-Impact By 2030

By Maria Cook

On Tuesday, Vail Resorts announced a plan to eliminate its environmental impact by 2030. This new plan, which the company is calling Epic Promise For A Zero Footprint, calls for a complete elimination of emissions, waste, and net operating impact to forests and habitat within the next 13 years. 

With resorts in Colorado, Utah, Vermont, California, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, New South Wales, Australia, British Columbia and Wyoming, Vail Resorts is the largest mountain resort company in the world. It's easy to imagine that, if the company is able to reach its ambitious zero footprint goal, the impact would be far-reaching. Robert Katz, CEO of Vail Resorts, who announced the Epic Promise For A Zero Footprint at a recent employee meeting, acknowledged that the size of his company gives it the potential to create large-scale change, telling the Denver Post that, "our size and scale helps." 

Katz, who has always made environmental advocacy a key element of Vail Resorts business model, also stated that he doesn't just see such advocacy as important for the environment, but also as "an important business goal too. It means we are being smart about not only the resources we use inside the company, but also how we use any resources outside the company … particularly when the environment is both our product and our passion."