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Source: Liter of Light

This Nonprofit Is Reusing Plastic Bottles To Light Up Homes Without Electricity

By Aimee Lutkin

Philippines-based nonprofit MyShelter Foundation launched a project called Liter of Light they believe can revolutionize people's dependence on electricity while also providing people with jobs and a means of recycling the island's enormous number of plastic bottles.

Created to provide sustainable, affordable, solar light to those living in communities that currently have limited or no access to electricity, the grassroots movement aims to teach marginalized communities how to reuse plastic bottles and other locally sourced materials to light up their homes, streets, and neighborhoods.

MyShelter founder Illac Diaz told The Huffington Post that in many poorer areas, shacks are built right on top of one another, which can make it extremely difficult to see without flipping a light switch.

“Here the houses are so stuck together that they have no windows ― you have shantytowns that have a sea of iron over them,” said Diaz. “It’s good for rain, but no light enters even during the day.”

Alfredo Moser, a Brazilian mechanic, worked with MyShelter to develop the bottles used for Liter of Light. By mixing 3 milliliters of bleach with a liter of water, then feeding it through a special hole outfitted in the roof, they're able to light the whole room. The special mix refracts light as brightly as a bulb. The only downside is that they obviously can only function when the sun is out. MyShelter added an LED  that can be powered by a smaller solar panel, which turns on when the sun goes down.