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Source: MOJUHLER/Facebook

This Shape-Changing Furniture Makes Moving Waste Free


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No matter your situation, you'll likely need to replace or upgrade your furniture throughout your life. For example, while a college student living in a small dorm may have more use for shelving than for a coffee table, that same student may end up needing a coffee table more than shelves, once they move into their first real apartment. Unfortunately, the common solution is for the recent grad to simply throw out their old shelves from college and purchase a new table. Down the road, when upgrading to a new place, said person may realize that they once again need shelves more than a table, so new shelves are purchased and the coffee table winds up in the dumpster. 

If this scenario sounds familiar, it could be due to the fact that throwing out unneeded furniture between moves is more common than not. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans alone throw out over nine tons of furniture every year. This  furniture, like so much other waste, mostly ends up in already overcrowded landfills, which is a problem for the planet. Decomposing landfill waste crates CO2, which contributes to the buildup of greenhouse gasses in earth's atmosphere. 

The EPA itself even encourages citizens to reuse old furniture instead of throwing it out, whenever possible. But that can be easier said that done, due to changing needs. If only furniture could transform itself from one form into another. If only the coffee table could become shelves, and vice versa.