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5 Eco-Friendly Shampoos Perfect For Your Morning Shower


As long as it smells nice and keeps us clean, does it really matter what is inside our shampoo? If you care about the health of your hair and the health of the environment, then yes! It can be easy to forget that everything we use and put back into the environment, such as rinsing a product down the drain, can have long-term impacts on the planet. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), shampoos and other personal care products can cause significant environmental damage once they are washed down the drain, seeping into the water supply and harming aquatic life. 

Of course, there are all kinds of techniques if you want to make your own shampoo, or if you want to test out going entirely shampoo-free. But for those of us who want something we can purchase easily at a local store or online, it's good to know what brands are making hygiene products that are not only safe for our bodies, but safe for the planet. Many eco-friendly brands are also a great bet if you want to avoid certain ingredients due to allergies or for ethical reasons, though you'll want to check each label individually to ensure you're comfortable with what you're putting onto your head. 

Check out these five eco-friendly shampoos, perfect for the next time you want to treat your scalp to a little TLC and give back to the environment, to boot.

1. Scalp Relief Shampoo from Yes to Carrots

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Yes to Carrots is a small, California-based company that isn't afraid to use veggies in their cosmetics products. From tomato face masks to shampoo with carrots and pomegranate juice, you can be sure that whatever you pick will be unique. It will also be all-natural, as Yes to Carrots doesn't use any preservatives or sulfates in their formulas. This means that there won't be any harsh ingredients to dry out your hair, or to wash down the drain. If you suffer from dandruff or an itchy scalp, their scalp relief shampoo may offer just the solution you're searching for.

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