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5 Earth-Friendly Perfumes You Can Feel Good About Wearing This Summer

By Maria Cook

Harsh chemicals and artificial scents in traditional perfumes can be bad for your skin and bad for the planet. This is especially true considering that, like all cosmetics, perfumes get washed down the drain at the end of the day, and can end up in the water supply. But that doesn't mean you can't smell great while remaining eco-friendly! If you're searching for an alternative to traditional perfumes, try these five all-natural, eco-friendly scents instead. 

1. Florescent Pretty Bird Perfume

This earthy scent from Susanaah Compton of Florescent Cosmetics uses rose and clove, among other all-natural ingredients, to create the weighty scent. Before entering the world of cosmetics, Compton used to mix botanicals for therapeutic purposes, so she is no stranger to the world of organic mixtures. Though Pretty Bird was created for women, it's clove undertones make it smoky enough that men may enjoy wearing the scent, as well. 

Find this versatile scent here

2. Earth Tu Face Jasmine Balm

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Want to feel like an eco-friendly, highly-scented mermaid this summer? Grab a shell full of Earth Tu Face's Jasmine Balm solid perfume. Beyond the beautiful and totally unique packaging (yes, that's a real seashell) the perfume smells amazing. The scent is created with pure, natural jasmine oil, resulting in a light and summery bouquet.  

Find this must-have for every organic ocean goddess here

3. Pour Le Monde Together Perfume

Every scent in Pour Le Monde's perfume collection benefits a different charity. For example, their blend of lemon, berries and burgundy, known as Together, is particularly perfect for summer, and proceeds help support the Cancer Support Community. 

Smell great while supporting charity by snagging your own bottle here