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Source: Pixabay

Singapore To Test World's Largest Floating Solar Farms

By Brian Spaen

Singapore, a country with over 5.5 million people, is out of space to develop new ideas. They’ve been looking underground to give them more space, but for the addition of a solar farm, that would be a hard thing to accomplish. Still wanting to add a large amount of renewable energy, they’ve decided to look out into a nearby reservoir for additional room.

The Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore will be testing out various designs of solar farms that can float along their territory. Whatever design works best will be expanded into a full-fledged solar farm that will have a capacity of up to four gigawatts. Even during the testing period, they should be able to pull in enough renewable energy to power over 250 apartments in the city.

Installing solar panels on rooftops was not a completely viable option for Singapore. While some are being put in where applicable, they need a much bigger area to supply their city. The biggest issue with solar panels on rooftops is that many skyscrapers wouldn’t be able to pick up sunlight efficiently. Thomas Reindl, CEO of SERIS, believes that the reservoir is the best choice on the table in a FastCompany report, explaining, "The vast majority of photovoltaic installations in Singapore will obviously be on rooftops, but even those are limited...Alternative areas have been explored, and one of the most promising options is inland water reservoirs.”