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Source: greencitysolutions/FB

This Moss Wall Can Clean As Much Polluted Air As A Small Forest


Cities around the world are more polluted than ever. According to the World Health Organization, air pollution kills around seven million people each year, and the problem is most pronounced in cities. But what can be done about it? Aside from, for example, focusing on cleaner burning fuels for vehicles (car emissions make up a large portion of urban pollution), are there any quicker solutions? 

One might think of planting more trees within city limits. Trees, after all, can eliminate particulates in the air, as well as convert CO2 into breathable oxygen. The trouble is, planting trees within city limits isn't always a viable option. For one thing, the biggest, leafiest trees tend to be the best for cleaning air, but such trees grow slowly and take up a lot of room. Roots are also a major problem. The healthier and older a tree is, the deeper and wider its roots will spread, busting asphalt, bricks, and concrete along the way. 

But Brussels-based company Green City Solutions believes it has developed the perfect product to combat urban air pollution. A mobile wall of moss, measuring around 3.5 meters (about 3.8 yards), which they claim can clean as much urban air as 275 trees. 

Why moss? According to Zhengliang Wu, co-founder of Green City Solutions, moss is simply better suited to the job. "Moss cultures have a much larger leaf surface area than any other plant. That means we can capture more pollutants."