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These 13 Brands Are Leading The Revolution In Eco-Conscious Fashion

By Maressa Brown

Plenty of niche, eco-conscious fashion brands have popped up in recent years, but it looks like some of the major players are starting to get on board with greening up their practices. ASOS, IKEA, H&M, Levi Strauss & Co., and Nike are among 13 big fashion brands who have pledged to use 100 percent sustainable cotton by 2025, as part of a U.K.-based effort lead by the Prince Charles, under his International Sustainability Unit. The pledge was announced on May 24, 2017.

The aim of the pledge is to help reduce the environmental and social impacts of cotton farming, and The Huffington Post UK reports that as part of the effort, all 13 brands are going to be required to publish information by 2018 on their progress toward reaching their target. 

Back in May, WWD reported on the high-level meeting about sustainable cotton that Prince Charles held at The British Academy in London’s St. James’s. During the meeting, Prince Charles noted that cotton production is “all too often associated with the depletion of local water supplies and the widespread, and sometimes indiscriminate, use of harmful pesticides [that] can take a heavy toll on human health.” 

He believes that climate change will only make an already troubling problem more perilous, given that higher temperatures and shifting precipitation patterns are likely to cause more severe water shortages in important cotton-growing regions.