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Source: Pixabay

Space Exploration Inspires IKEA's Future Line Of Miniature Furniture


Every year, IKEA announces collaborations and projects that they’re working on at the Democratic Design Day event at Almhult, Sweden. The most recent event featured their involvement with NASA and Sweden’s Lund University School of Industrial Design to get a better idea on how to implement tiny furniture in small living spaces. There’s a chance it could create familiar miniature homes on other planets.

IKEA will be working with scientists to study spaceships and the living situation inside of them. Astronauts have to deal with cramped conditions for long periods of time, such as Peggy Whitson who has spent nearly 600 days in space. Everything is set up to make them as comfortable as possible. This would make a great environment to emulate for tiny homes, with the luxury of being on the ground instead of flying around space.