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Source: Unsplash/Pexels

These Sneakers Created From Algae Make Footwear Sustainable


Because we live in a culture that's so infatuated with consumption, we rarely stop think about how all of the stuff we buy—from paper goods to jackets or shoes—is impacting the environment. Almost anything you can think of that you have to go to a store or click on an Amazon link to buy contributes in some way to carbon emissions. Except for these wildly cool, innovative sneakers made from algae. Yes, really!

A London-based company called Vivobarefoot has partnered with a Mississippi-based, "eco-crusading" 2-year-old company called Bloom, which is behind “the world’s first plant-based, high-performance solution to synthetic and petroleum-based flexible foams.” Bloom has also made international headlines recently for partnering with World Champion surfer, Kelly Slater, to create surfing traction pads that are made with their eco-conscious material. Together, Vivobarefoot and Bloom are introducing sneakers that replace petro-foams with EVA foams that originated as harvested algae biomass.