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Source: SAM YEH / Staff/Gettyimages

Taipei's New 'Forest Bus' Offers Commuters A Green Ride

By Maria Cook

People are calling it the "forest bus" and for good reason. Covered in ferns, moss, living flowers and hanging vines, this bus in Taipei is like something straight out of a fantasy film. Fantasy and nature are exactly what the creators wanted passengers to think of when they rode the special, art-installation bus around Taipei, stating that the theme of the bus was "a boy's imaginary forest." Passengers even sit on moss-covered seats!

One can't help but be fascinated and charmed by the bus, filled with plant life native to Taiwan. It does, however, bring a few questions to mind. 

Who created the forest bus? 

The forest bus, taking the place of the No. 203 bus in the affluent neighborhood of Tianmu, is the creation of florist Alfie Lin and designer Xiao Qing-Yang. Lin is known for designing bouquets which include unusual, native Taiwanese plants, such as ferns and pitcher plants. These plants are sometimes grown by Lin, and sometimes collected from the nearby forests bordering Taiwan.

Yang is perhaps best known for being a four time Grammy nominee for Best Record Packaging. He enjoys creating art that is uniquely Taiwanese, believing that much of the art world in Taiwan has been too heavily influenced by outside perspectives, such as from Japan and Western countries. In 2016, Yang released a series of intricate, paper-cut menus for Eva Air airlines, with each design representing a different Taiwanese season.