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Tesla Is Boosting The Solar Industry With Job Opportunities For Roofers

By Brian Spaen

If you're an experienced roofer, Tesla may have a job for you. After opening orders for solar roofs last week and promising customers that installations will start within the next two months, Tesla is looking to hire professional roof installers in order to meet demand. Since roofing is much more labor intensive than simply installing solar panels they’ll also be opening training centers where roofers both new and old can learn the skills required of the job.

SolarCity, which was acquired by Tesla, has numerous postings of roofing jobs now on their career site. Three different levels are available based on experience. California houses the majority of these opportunities, especially in the northern part of the state (San Francisco, Sacramento, etc.). There’s also jobs available in Texas and in many parts of the Northeast, including Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and Massachusetts. Lead roofing jobs are in Milpitas, California, and Fort Worth, Texas.

For the lowest level, the company requires at least a high school diploma and six months worth of roofing experience. Higher opportunities, like being a lead roofer, require at least six months of leading a crew while also working in the industry for at least two years. As with most construction jobs, these people must be able to work through adverse weather conditions and be able to work with heavy objects. Training sessions will be paid and benefit packages are available.