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Source: TiggerTog/istock

The 6 Best Houseplants That Will Grow Better In Your Bathroom


Indoor plants are usually found in entryways, living rooms and kitchens. Keeping a small plant on your desk at work isn't unheard of either (and is actually recommended by health professionals) but why limit your green thumb to only these areas?

Storing plants in your shower has a surprising number of advantages. Not only do they help purify the air but they have the ability to eliminate bacteria and absorb excess moisture. They can turn your bathroom into a calming, spa-like space when you need to destress. If you're looking for bathroom decor that is simple and elegant, or if you're seeking ways to bring a little green to different areas of your home, try raising one (or several) of these indoor plants that are known to thrive in steamy bathroom conditions. 

1. Orchids

Once an expensive and sought after flower, orchids have become more common and inexpensive in recent years. These delicate blooms can be found in the floral section of just about any grocery store for a reasonable price. Because orchids are native to tropical climates, they love humidity and will thrive in the steamy confines of a bathroom. Just be sure that they have minimal sunlight (a skylight or small bathroom window should be enough to keep them happy). 

There are different varieties (or "breeds") of orchids. For greatest ease of care, try to buy an orchid of the Phalaenopsis variety. These orchids do particularly well in bathrooms, as long as it's well ventilated. This will help protect your orchids from mold and rot due to too much moisture.