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9 Zero-Waste Thanksgiving Tips


Living a “zero-waste” life is all about reusing the things you already have in order to create as few “throw-away” items as possible. While it could be a big lifestyle change for anyone at any time of year, it can be especially hard to follow during the holidays, whether you’re hosting or visiting someone else’s home. But it’s far from impossible. 

We reached out to zero-waste experts Megean Weldon and Kathryn Kellogg for advice on how to have the smallest impact this Thanksgiving, and mixed in a few tips of our own. Some of the changes are super simple — like Weldon’s suggestion to only serve yourself what you’re actually going to eat. 

“I know it looks all too delicious, but trust me: The food isn’t going anywhere. Pace yourself,” she tells Green Matters. “Only get what you can eat so you have room for pie later. This prevents taking too much, which causes unnecessary food waste.”

Keep reading to learn how you can lower your impact during every step of your Thanksgiving — from shopping for groceries to the meal itself. 

Bring Your Own Bags When You Go Food Shopping

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Making a difference for your Thanksgiving starts long before you begin cooking your meal. While shopping for groceries, skip the single-use plastic bags for something reusable. This is a small act that can — and should! — be practiced year-round, not just during the holidays.