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Source: Pexels

This Project Would Turn Las Vegas Food Waste Into Power

By Kristin Hunt

It takes a lot of energy to power the slot machines, nightclubs, and bright neon lights of the Las Vegas strip. These high electricity demands have made it difficult for the city to achieve 100 percent renewable power, and for casinos to leave the grid. But as resorts experiment with LED lighting and solar arrays, Rosalie Bingham has a more ambitious idea. What if they sourced their power from the leftover food at their buffets?

Bingham believes Las Vegas could derive clean power from an anaerobic digester, essentially a large tank that breaks down organic waste into natural gas. The systems are frequently found outside farms in Germany, but now, Bingham wants to bring them to Vegas through her foundation Regener8tive. Green Matters asked her about the fundraising campaign in the interview below, which spans anaerobic digestion, Las Vegas landfills, and clean power premiums.

The following Q&A has been edited for clarity, flow, and length.