TikTok's Latest Food Craze, Pink Sauce, Is Fit for Any Barbie Queen — But Is It Vegan?

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Jul. 28 2022, Published 4:39 p.m. ET

These days, many of society's greatest — and most viral — food trends originate from the vast world of TikTok. Whether we're talking cloud bread or pasta chips, there are countless recipes that we've attempted, failed to make, or simply ogled at. But one of the latest edible TikTok crazes is something called Pink Sauce, and TBH, we're kind of obsessed.

The viral condiment serves as a tasty and aesthetic ode to the upcoming Barbie Movie. But is Pink Sauce vegan?

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TikTok foodie Chef Pii, aka Veronica Shaw, created the “infamous sauce everyone is raving about” back in June, according to Glamour. The beloved condiment officially launched on July 1, going for $20 a bottle, and it's been a hit ever since.

The beginnings of Shaw's business have been rocky, due to people reportedly getting sick from it, as well as alleged packaging issues. But regardless, Chef Pii has garnered quite a bit of attention in such a short amount of time.

“The Pink Sauce has only been a product for 20 days, literally,” Shaw told Glamour, in regards to how her company has dealt with such high demand.

“We have been going through trial and error just like any other business," she continued. Despite the product's controversy, many of us at Green Matters are dying to try it — as long as it's vegan, of course.

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Is Pink Sauce vegan?

Pink Sauce isn't unlike anything you've ever tasted — based on the ingredients, it likely tastes somewhat similar to to hot chili oil. But, it makes you look like a Barbie girl, which is what it's all about. But sadly if you're plant-based, this isn't the sauce for you.

Per the Pink Sauce website, the sauce blends sunflower seed oil, chili, garlic, honey, vinegar, garlic, pitaya, pink Himalayan sea salt, lemon juice, milk, citric acid, less than 2 percent of dried spices, and dragon fruit.

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There has been some controversy surrounding Pink Sauce, according to VICE. Many of them pertain to the sauce's ingredients, incorrect information on the label, allegedly related illnesses, and packaging problems.

But if you're vegan, none of that matters, because you can't have Pink Sauce. If the ingredients are what they say they are, Pink Sauce contains both milk and honey. Maybe Chef Pii will make a vegan one next, but for now, pink-loving vegans are SOL.

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Here's how to make a vegan version of Pink Sauce:

If you're vegan and can't try the viral TikTok Pink Sauce for yourself, it could be worth trying to make it on your own. Although Chef Pii doesn't give exact instructions on how to make it, we'd assume the process is similar.

Try blending sunflower seed oil with chili, garlic, a different natural sweetener such as agave or maple syrup, vinegar, garlic, pitaya, pink Himalayan sea salt, lemon juice, a milk alternative, citric acid, less than 2 percent of dried spices, and dragon fruit.

The end product will likely be similar to the viral version, and you won't have to deal with possibly poor packaging and other potential issues the company has run into — honestly, it might be for the best.

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