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6 Superfoods To Try Before The Summer Is Over

By Cori Sue Morris

Summer is in full swing — and for many of us, the season comes a desire to be more health conscious. Fortunately, summer’s bounty offers an array of nutrient-dense superfoods, providing natural cures to everything from sun burns to bug bites.

Eat local 

The best way to take care of Mother Earth while working on your beach bod is a simple one: Eat local. Source your fruits and veggies from local farmers markets, or check the label at the grocery store to ensure the source of the fruits and vegetables were grown nearby. The sweet spot for many environmentally conscious folks? 100 miles. What do we suggest? Doing your best — when given the choice between a farmers’ market and a grocer, pick the farmers’ market. When given the choice between tomatoes grown in California and those grown abroad? Pick the closer option.

Why does this matter?

By eating fruits and vegetables from nearby farms, you’re supporting local farmers and encouraging the diversification of crops — putting your money where your mouth is, if you will.