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Green 101: What's In Your Processed Food?

By Alyssa Walker

There’s food — and then there’s processed food. What’s the difference? Well, chances are good that if the stuff you bring home from the supermarket is in a box or some other fancy-pants packaging, it’s probably processed.

Cereal. Cookies. Chips. Granola bars, pretzels, Hi-Hos, Ho-Hos, Ring-Dings, and Ding-Dongs. All of it.

The idea of processing food itself isn’t bad: making cookies, popping popcorn, brewing coffee. The problem happens when companies mass-produce our food, and in the process add all kinds of stuff to it to make it packageable, long-lasting, and transportable... and (of course!) to encourage us to buy more of it by loading it with thinly veiled versions of sugar and fat.