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Source: New Wave Foods / Facebook

3 Innovators Reveal How Their Companies Are Changing The Future Of Plant-Based Food

By Desirée Kaplan

The future of food production has a become a global concern in recent years. With a rapidly growing population taking a massive bite out of global resources, scientists are starting to worry about how we will be able to continue feeding so many mouths if we do not change unsustainable fishing and farming practices.

While some companies are finding ways to grow meat in labs, others are finding natural ingredients that can provide mouth watering alternatives for things we love, like shrimp, fish, and burgers without harming the environment. In a recent panel discussion during the Wall Street Journal’s The Future of Everything Festival, Dominique Barnes from New Wave Foods, Kimberlie Le from Terramino Foods and Patrick Brown from Impossible Foods sat down to talk about how they’re each creating a sustainable solution that can alleviate the world’s food production problems by harnessing natural ingredients.