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Source: Stocksnap

Upstate New York Just Opened Their First All Vegan Supermarket

By Aimee Lutkin

Up near Niagara Falls an enterprise that caters to vegans has opened called The Vegan Grocery Store. It is what it sounds like: a supermarket devoted entirely to vegan products. Veg News reports that the story has taken the research out of shopping for vegans, with a tagline that reads, “No need to read ingredient lists here, we’ve already done it for you!” 

The store was founded by married couple Gabrielle and Jason Richards, and Gabrielle's mom Judith Mittiga. The threesome wanted to provide a local place where vegan shoppers can "grab and go." They're not just invested in veganism; the group wants to invest in the city's business district. It was important to them to open a space in the town's center. they're also vegans themselves, and know the struggle of finding food they can eat in conventional supermarkets.