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Source: Jonathan Petersson/Pexels

This Company Cracked The Code On Making Recyclable Coffee Cups

By Aimee Lutkinnnn

Coffee cups have been getting a lot of attention in the United Kingdom as legislators have threatened consumers with a "latte levy" in an attempt to combat waste. An estimated 2.5 billion coffee cups end up in the trash every year in the U.K. alone. If consumers were taxed on every cup they bought, they might be more willing to bring a container from home.

Why not just promote recycling? Unfortunately, coffee cups are mixed paper and plastic. The interior coating that keeps the cup waterproof is too difficult to separate for recycling facilities. This is a flaw in the design and public knowledge. Most people don't realize there's no way to make recycling happen when they put the cup in the bin in good faith.

With all the attention the proposed tax is getting, one company decided it was time to unroll their new product. It's a cup they claim is actually recyclable. That's right: Frugalpac is promoting itself as a disposable cup that solves the plastic/paper challenge.