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Source: Loliware

These Edible Straws Are The Most Fun Way To Save The Environment

By Joseph Maclellan

Here's something you might not think about when sipping that cocktail at the bar or that cold-press coffee on-the-go: immediately after you drain that drink, your one-use plastic straw will end up in the trash and it won't go away for 200 years.

No matter how good that cocktail is, it's a sobering thought to think that something you used for five minutes will pollute the earth and atmosphere for two centuries. And it's this fact that led Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker to invent the Lolistraw, an edible straw made of algae. 

Briganti and Tucker are the founders and co-CEOs of Loliware, the startup behind the world's first edible, disposable cup, which they invented to combat the pollution caused by plastic cup use.